We are in the SAP ISU / CRM space for more than 5 years with 16+ years of experience SAP ISU and 8 + years in SAP CRM for utilities.

We have wide range of experience in SAP Utilities with Electric , Water and Gas companies.

We implemented SAP ISU and CRM in bigger and smaller utilities.

We have worked on the following areas in SAP ISU and in CRM and have the following experience.

Utility Industries:

  • Experience in Market (ERCOT) transactions in Texas.
  • Texas Set Market Transactions (867, All 814 enrollment and drops, disconnect,
  • Reconnect), AMI ( Smart Meter ), Settlement and Prepay .

Experience Meter to Cash process.

  • Experience multiple deregulation markets (Texas, PJM).

IS-U/CRM functional Areas:

  • Build Rates, Build rates using RTP interface (Interval Meter),
  • RTP component for Interval Billing,
  • EDM profile configuration (Interval Meter),
  • Device management, IDE for deregulation market (Datex Process),
  • Smart meter usage calculation (bill simulation),
  • Emma Case, Building Variants, Invoicing user-exit,
  • SAP Work flows, Disconnect, Dunning, CIC0 Configuration,
  • CRM CIC Configuration,CRM CIC Screen Configuration,
  • CRM ELM Configuration, CRM WEBIC Workflow,Bill-print Work Bench,
  • Middleware.

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Please feel free to contact us at kumar@moovar.com.